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            Stacer is a user-friendly front-end for optimising, monitoring, and cleaning desktop Linux distributions.

It’s perfectly suited to occasional maintenance and cleaning tasks, but without the need to use several different apps or commands to do it.

Stacer is not as comprehensive at cleaning as, say, Bleachbit, but it’s much less intimidating as a result. It’s a great fit for regular users looking to do a bit of basic (but not destructive) upkeep.

Stacer can do a bunch of different task, all from the same window. Think of it as part system cleaner, part resource monitor, and part tweak tool.


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  • immanuel 12-02-2022 18:36

    Windows'taki CCleaner gibi optimizasyon ve temizleme uygulamalarının çok güzel bir alternatifi. Yalnız buglar ve dil yetersizliği var, bunlar da çözülebilirse harika olur.

  • bahricanaknehir 12-09-2021 17:13


  • timur 09-09-2021 09:29

    güzel uygulama yanlız tükçe desdeği yetersiz...

  • dasrow 01-09-2021 00:36

    Linuxta bulunan en iyi temizleme aracı. Hem modern basit bir arayüz sunar hem sistem bilgileri verir hem temizleme,hemde paket temizleme sağlayabilir.

  • majeed 23-08-2021 18:02

    nice program